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Data & analytics

Turn data into insights and modern applications with practical solutions from a leading AWS Data & Analytics partner.

Different ventures, same goal: Make data work harder

For leaders aiming to advance applications and GenAI initiatives, the groundwork of centralizing, normalizing and protecting personal data is crucial. Partner with Loka, an AWS Data & Analytics and GenAI Competency leader, to navigate these technical challenges.

From setting up the right data storage and writing SQL queries for data interrogation to dashboarding and ensuring HIPAA compliance throughout the data journey, we’ll help your team not just meet its goals, but adapt, grow and consistently outperform.

Data Pipelines, ETL & Streaming Data

Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Centralized Data Stores

IoT & Connected Devices

Data Visualization, Dashboarding & Reporting

Security & Compliance (SOC2, HIPAA and More)

Data Consulting & Team Augmentation

Full list of services
Full list of services

All data Services

  • Data Science and Analysis
  • Data Orchestration
  • Data Optimization
  • Business Logic
AWS Partner - Data & Analytics Services Competency

Data Engineers & AWS Specialists

Our team holds the most technically demanding Data and Analytics certifications offered by AWS.

  • 100+ certified
  • Generative Ai services competency
  • Devops Services Competency
  • Healthcare services competency
  • AWS glue delivery
  • Aws lambda delivery
  • Immersion day

Experts to Accelerate Every Phase of Your Data Journey

Data Warehouse, Data Lakes and Lakehouses

Centralize data into a logical and easily queryable format. Our experts transform data into a usable, scalable and cost-effective structure that simplifies the query-building process for data scientists.

Data Pipelines, ETL and Real-Time Data Streaming

Data comes at you fast. Our solutions capture and consolidate events, providing insights beyond reporting. With technologies like Kafka and Kinesis, we manage data ingestion and establish rules for event anomalies. Our aim is smooth data management and transformation into actionable intelligence.

Data Visualization, Dashboarding and Reporting

Get clear, visually compelling insights into your most important metrics. Leveraging modern data visualization tools like Tableau, Amazon Quicksight and Power BI, we focus on intuitive dashboards and reports that align with your workflows and move leaders at all levels to more intelligent decisions.

Data Security and Compliance

We specialize in the secure handling of data in line with SOC2, HIPAA and other regulatory frameworks. From implementing stringent human and encryption controls to setting up secure data architectures with comprehensive recovery plans, we keep personal data protected and compliant.

ML and GenAI Integration

Incorporate machine learning into your analytics and explore new possibilities with generative AI. From assessing your company’s readiness to model training and steering you through the nuanced phases of GenAI application development, we’re here to help integrate ML and GenAI into your long-term data strategy.

How Leaders are Modernizing with Data--and Loka


How Loka modernized a public-health dashboard that supports one in three Americans.


How Loka created an enterprise BI and data analytics warehouse that improved eVisit’s telehealth platform.


How Loka helped the life science innovator optimize workloads with machine learning.

Loka has been an exceptional technical partner, providing nimble support on some of our most complicated technical challenges as we’ve grown.

Nicholas D’Andre

Loka continues to be an excellent partner. They understand what we’re trying to accomplish now and pave the road for future growth.

Amee Gray

Loka has been extremely responsive to our needs and consistently demonstrated deep AWS knowledge.

Kurt Kiesow
business = YourBusiness()

if business.founder_spirit == "strong":
   business.ideal_partner = "Loka"
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Nicholas D’Andre
Amee Gray
Kurt Kiesow

Loka’s Data Tech Stack

Our teams employ the latest tools and technologies while constantly expanding their expertise to incorporate the next essential innovation.

Data Storage & Querying

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL Server
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • DynamoDB
  • Amazon RDS
  • Cassandra
  • Trino
  • Presto
  • Redshift
  • AWS Athena
  • Databricks
  • Amazon S3
  • Data Lakes. Columnar formats like Parquet and open table formats like Delta Lake, Iceberg, and Hudi
  • Data Lakehouses. Open table formats like Delta Lake, Iceberg, and Hudi
  • Data Warehouses (Amazon Redshift, Snowflake)

Data Processing

  • AWS Glue
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Flink

Data Visualization/Reporting

  • Amazon QuickSight
  • Grafana
  • Superset
  • Plotly
  • Tableau

Data Integration & Orchestration

  • Apache Airflow
  • AWS Step Functions
  • Prefect

Data Governance

  • Apache Ranger
  • AWS Lake Formation

Data Modeling

  • SQL
  • DBT

Data Streaming

  • Apache Kafka
  • Amazon Kinesis
  • Spark Streaming

Combine our expertise to ship faster.

GenAI & ML

Jumpstart your GenAI strategy and drive modern experiences.

DevOps & Cloud

Build a modern cloud infrastructure that evolves with you.

Design & App Development

Put an app or MVP in the hands of your customer or VC.


Create personalized solutions that clear regulatory hurdles.

Life Sciences

Channel advanced AI into novel therapeutics.