Build a modern cloud infrastructure that evolves with you.

DevOps &  Cloud

Loka helps leaders develop, deploy and operate in the cloud more efficiently and reliably.

The foundation of every growing startup and great business.

Loka’s DevOps practice helps your team build better products more quickly in a scalable cloud environment. We specialize in technology services that help leaders stay ahead of the pack.

Cloud Migrations

SaaS Architecture Development

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Containers & Orchestration

Security & Compliance Best Practices

DevOps Team Augmentation

Full list of services
Full list of services

All Devops & Cloud Services

  • Cloud architecture consulting
  • Cloud cost optimization
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Account governance, provisioning and permissions
  • GitOps
  • DevOps & CI/CD implementation
  • Infrastructure Configuration Management
  • Logging & Monitoring
AWS Partner - DevOps Services Competency

Support and guidance through your modernization journey, from migration to machine learning.

  • 100+ certified
  • Healthcare services competency
  • Generative Ai services competency
  • Data & analytics services competency
  • AWS glue delivery
  • Aws lambda delivery
  • Immersion day

DevOps that streamline critical projects

devOps = loka.DevOpsTeam()

devOps.delivery_time = "fast"
devOps.collaboration = "high"
devOps.quality = "superior"

Faster delivery,
fewer surprises

Loka’s DevOps practice involves frequent code releases, which leads to quicker implementation of features and bug fixes and accelerates product delivery.

More specialists,
lower headcount

Our DevOps team is the unifying force between development and operations teams, leading to better communication, increased efficiency and fewer cooks in your kitchen.

Higher standards,
minimal glitches

Through continuous integration and testing, Loka’s DevOps practice improves product quality and minimizes the chance of operational disruptions.

DevOps Success Stories


Loka delivers a comprehensive data platform with a scalable science environment backend and data plane.


Loka creates enterprise BI and data analytics warehouse, improving data efficiencies to eVisits telehealth platform.


Loka helps move the AI team from monolithic to microservices and startup to the world’s #1 fresh tech company.

Our DevOps Process



We start by assessing your development and operations practices, identifying gaps and specific goals and creating a roadmap for DevOps transformation.


We set a clear DevOps strategy, establish goals and define key metrics, all aligning with your business objectives.


Using DevOps best practices and our own expertise, we refine your infrastructure, automate processes and set up a robust CI/CD pipeline for efficient software development.


We ensure smooth execution of DevOps practices, continuously monitor performance and constantly fine-tune to deliver faster, more reliable software that grows with you.

“Loka understood the requirement and started working on the pipeline from Day 1. They helped make the pipeline cost effective and performant.”

Sarthak Vilas Patel
Sr. Data Engineer
Goldfinch Bio

“Loka serves as a trusted, collaborative partner. If you need to go further, faster with your development and design, I can’t recommend them enough.”

Greg Rudin
Menlo Labs

“Loka jumped in as an extension of our team, supporting our DevOps work. The team started contributing right away.”

Adam Tebbe
VP Computational Data Science & Technology
Goldfinch Bio

“By partnering with Loka we were able to shorten our time to market in building and refining key products.”

Dev Bala
CPO, Head of Platform
Sentropy / Discord

“At Amazon, we had advanced DevOps to ship high-complexity software. That’s the gap I needed to fill. It’s exactly the team I got from Loka.”

Derek Szopa

“Loka has a great team that helped us develop and automate our solution deployment on EKS. They deliver high quality results.”

Renato Maciel
Lead ML Engineer
business = YourBusiness()

if business.founder_spirit == "strong":
   business.ideal_partner = "Loka"
   business.velocity = "fast"
   business.friction = "low"
Sarthak Vilas Patel
Greg Rudin
Adam Tebbe
Dev Bala
Derek Szopa
Renato Maciel

Loka’s DevOps
Tech Stack

Our teams employ the latest tools and technologies while constantly expanding their expertise to incorporate the next essential innovation.

Programming Languages

  • Typescript
  • Javascript
  • Python

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Tools

  • AWS cloud development kit (CDK)
  • Cloud development kit for Terraform (CDKTF)
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • Terraform

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Tools

  • GitHub Actions
  • AWS CodePipeline
  • Argocd

Containerization Tools

  • Kubernetes (EKS/AKS/GKE)
  • ecs
  • docker

Monitoring and Logging Tools

  • Prometheus
  • Grafana
  • ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)
  • Datadog

Cloud Providers

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud  platform
  • Microsoft Azure

Serverless Frameworks

  • AWS SAm
  • serverless

Ship faster with Loka’s unified teams

GenAI & ML

Jumpstart your GenAI strategy and drive modern experiences.

Data & Analytics

Unblock your data and make smarter business moves.

Design & App Development

Put an app or MVP in the hands of your customer or VC


Create personalized solutions that clear regulatory hurdles

Life Sciences

Channel advanced AI into novel therapeutics